Kineton Yacht Management System

The KYMS – Kineton Yacht Management System – is an integrated onboard management system developed by Kineton for Vulkan Marine.

The platform¬†seamlessly incorporates all the vessel’s systems into a secure and user-friendly 15.4″ touchscreen display, effectively replacing the conventional electrical control panel.¬†

Designed to ensure maximum safety and improve the experience of the experience of yacht owners and operators, this comprehensive digital system comprises an onboard embedded system, a cloud-based platform, and web/mobile applications for a cohesive user experience.

Through the system, the boat owner can monitor the overall status of operation during navigation, ensuring everything operates efficiently. 

The platform gathers data via the NMEA2000 network, including engine information, GPS coordinates, radar data, and more. It aids in navigation and docking, oversees onboard systems, and provides cutting-edge infotainment options like streaming services and music playback. The user-friendly interface streamlines access to essential vessel functions, improving navigational efficiency.

KYMS establishes a connection between the boat and the cloud, empowering boat owners to execute a range of tasks through their smartphone’s mobile app, enabling them to keep a close eye on their vessels, receive timely alerts in case of issues, and conveniently manage utilities and safety onboard via their smartphones.

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