Vulkan Marine is a new established company dedicated to crafting boats that stand out for exceptional safety, remarkable efficiency, and intuitive user experience combined with a superior comfort levels.

The partnership between Vulkan Marine and Kineton is dedicated to introduce cutting-edge technology to the marine industry, aiming to transform and enhance the nautical experience, making it smarter and more intuitive. The synergy between the two has given rise to an innovative solution for controlling basic functionality of the inflatable boat, offering infotainment and support applications for the owner, providing with cloud connectivity for integrated mobility services and intelligent vessel management. 

This combination ensures a secure, enjoyable, and comfortable navigation experience.

Founded in 2023 in partnership with Kineton, Vulkan Marine’s mission is to advance and further develop technology in the yachting field by creating a range of boats that redefine standards in terms of reliability, technology, design, and quality.

Kineton technology applied by Vulkan Marine aims to make the sea experience accessible to all. Through a simple and intuitive approach, it allows enthusiasts to embrace the sea from a unique and authentic perspective.

By offering cutting-edge solutions and sustainable practices, Vulkan Marine pioneers a new era of “High-Tech Yachts” merging technology and passion into a singular extraordinary experience.

We aim to offer a range of products that merge advanced technology with high safety standards, impressive performance, immediate user experiences, and exceptional comfort.
K-Rib 9.5 is a prime example, meeting all expectations with captivating design and cutting-edge solutions.
The added value of the Kineton Yacht Management System (KYMS) equips K-Rib 9.5 with user-friendly remote interaction capabilities.

Paolo D’Orazio, Vulkan Marine’s CEO

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